Fraud Prevention

Never make a transaction for someone else, without knowing who they are, or what it is for. You could be unknowingly aiding criminal activity and opening up yourself to criminal prosecution.

Also, consider that, if you do not know this person, and you were promised payment, there’s no guarantee you’ll get paid. And there’s nothing you could possibly do about it if they’re anonymous.

BitcoinRobin operates a Bitcoin payment service. Like other network providers, BitcoinRobin is not responsible for your actions on the network.

Furthermore, do not send Bitcoin to anyone threatening you for a ransom, or stating that you owe money to the Canadian government. They are scammers. Hang up, and call the police if anyone like this contacts you.

If you’ve been the victim of a scam, please visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. Instructions, specifically, for reporting an incident, can be found on the “Report fraud” page.

A warning, by the York Regional Police, against scams involving Bitcoin

Remember: Bitcoin transactions are irreversible.


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What are Bitcoin ATMs?

BitcoinRobin ATM (also called BTM or Bitcoin Teller Machine) differs from the traditional automated teller machine you’d associate with banks. BitcoinRobin is not a bank and does not offer the products and services of a bank. A Bitcoin ATM lets you buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with your money or sell them to get cash.

What is BitcoinRobin?

BitcoinRobin x Coinsquare is a Canadian Bitcoin ATM operator that enables customers to purchase and sell bitcoin, as well as other digital currencies through their network of digital kiosks.


Our customer service team is ready to assist you Monday to Sunday between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST.

Are you compliant with Government Regulations?

Yes, we are a registered company and we do comply with federal and provincial regulations.

Where are the machines located?

No shady locations, our machines are conveniently located at the prime, safe and easily-accessible malls across Canada.

What is your commission?

Fair pricing is in the core of our business model, we believe that commission structure should be transparent and easy to understand. We offer competitive exchange rates, lower than city average. You can learn more about exact rates at the moment here.