Find A Bitcoin ATM Near You in Calgary

      Why buying Bitcoin at an ATM

      Simple. Bitcoin ATMs offer you the fastest and easiest experience to buy or sell Bitcoin for Cash

      Using a Cryptocurrency ATM is as simple and safe as using your bank's ATM.
      • Start transacting with as low as $20
      • No hidden fees
      Find an ATM

      Conveniently Located in Malls

      All of our machines are located in prime mall locations

      Safe Process

      Enterprise-grade physical and cloud server infrastructure security

      Competitive Rates

      We offer competitive exchange rates, lower than industry average

      Dedicated Support

      Trained experts are available to help with any step of the process

      How to buy Bitcoin with Cash instantly

      It's easier than you think
      Did you know? Daily transaction limit for anonymous customers is $900, additional ID is required for larger amounts
      • 1. Scan QR

        Hold your mobile wallet app or paper wallet to the window and your code will be scanned instantly.

      • 2. Insert Cash

        Insert CAD$ bills. An updated total in Bitcoin will be displayed after each bill you insert

      • 3. Get Cryptocurrency

        Once purchase is confirmed, cryptocurrency will be deposited into wallet

      How to Sell Bitcoin for Cash Instantly

      Easiest way to Sell your Bitcoin
      • Enter the Amount

        Enter a value in $20 CAD increments of the Bitcoin that you would like to sell.

      • Get the receipt

        Collect the receipt, you'll need it until the end of transaction.

      • Send Bitcoin

        Follow the instructions on the receipt and send exact amount of Bitcoin specified to the QR code on it

      • Get Confirmation

        It usually takes ~20m, wait to receive the message on your phone saying transaction is complete.

      • Collect money

        Follow machine's instructions to redeem the receipt and collect cash.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are Bitcoin ATMs?

      BitcoinRobin ATM (also called BTM or Bitcoin Teller Machine) differs from the traditional automated teller machine you’d associate with banks. BitcoinRobin is not a bank and does not offer the products and services of a bank. A Bitcoin ATM lets you buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with your money or sell them to get cash.

      What is BitcoinRobin?

      BitcoinRobin x Coinsquare is a Canadian Bitcoin ATM operator that enables customers to purchase and sell bitcoin, as well as other digital currencies through their network of digital kiosks.


      Our customer service team is ready to assist you Monday to Sunday between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST.

      How to Use a Bitcoin ATM

      The easiest way to think about using a Bitcoin ATM is to know you can buy Bitcoin at any of our machines by sending it to your desired Bitcoin wallet.

      You can also sell your Bitcoin and receive cash, have it sent to a friend or family member’s Bitcoin wallet, or exchange account. You just need a smartphone or a QR print.

      Are you compliant with Government Regulations?

      Yes, we are a FINTRAC registered company and we do comply with federal and provincial regulations under 12800187 CANADA INC.

      Where are the machines located?

      No shady locations, our machines are conveniently located at the prime, safe and easily-accessible malls across Canada.

      What is your commission?

      Fair pricing is in the core of our business model, we believe that commission structure should be transparent and easy to understand. We offer competitive exchange rates, lower than city average. You can learn more about exact rates at the moment here.

      Still Need Help? Let's Chat

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